Print Media :

1 .Newsday, February 17, 2000

interviewed for article, “Chelsea Blossoms” (about Chelsea Clinton)

2 .Healthfile, November 1999.

“Tell Me Where it Hurts” profiled in article, “Millenium Kids.”

3 .Family Circle Magazine, October 6, 1998.

Interviewed for article, “Why You Need More Play.”

4 .Sesame Street Parents, June 1997.

Interviewed for article, “Taming the Type A Kid.”

5 .New York Times, July 2, 1995.

Interviewed for article, “Laughter’s Role in Life with Attention Deficit Disorder.

6 .The New York Times, May 11, 1993.

Interviewed for story, “Parents Find Solace in Donating Organs.

7 .Redbook, December, 1995.

Interviewed for article, “Is Your Child Too Stressed?”

8 .Columbia University Health Sciences Reporter, Vol. 4, Number 5, Dec. 1992.

Article entitled, “Saving Young Lives: Documentary Profiles Pediatric Heart Transplants” (about “Second Chance: Heroes of Heart Transplantation in Children.”

Internet :


Interviewed for story.: “Mama’s Boy? The Key to Understanding Your Sensitive Male Child.”

2 .ABC, October 26, 2001

interviewed for story, “Getting Back Onboard: Doctors Discuss Ways to Get Back on Airplanes After Sept. 11.”

Radio Interviews :

1 .WABJ-AM (Adrian, MI))

interview on the John Sebastian Morning Show 10/31/02.

2 .CBS Radio (NYC)

“I Don’t Want to Go to School Today: How to Interpret a Child’s Aches and Pains,” interview 9/21/00.

Other Appearances :

1 .Book signing and lecture at The Speakers Forum.

Thursday, November 21, 2002, Brooklyn Heights Montessori School 185 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11201