Peer Review Journals

Peer Reviewed Articles


  1. Micheli LJ, Slater JS, Woods E, Gerbino PG. Patella alta and the adolescent growth spurt. Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research, 213:159-162, December, 1986.


  1. Silver JM, Yudofsky SC, Slater JA, Kugelmass R, Katz B, Wolland H, Endicott J. Propranolol treatment of chronically hospitalized aggressive patients. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 1999 Summer;11(3):328-335.

Non- Peer Reviewed Articles


  1. *Slater JA. Deciphering emotional aches and physical pains in children.
    Pediatr Ann. 2003 Jun;32(6):402-407.

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